Sell your courses 24/7, and grow your online training business.

Sell your courses online - and rapidly Create, market and sell your online courses online not required any IT coding or design skills.

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Create an interactive platform to
fascinate Attract New Learners

Awesome learning experience

FlexiCourses is a very user friendly platform. Learner only need register with our marketplace, purchase and view them any device.

A marketplace for your courses

FlexiCourses is an online marketplace where you can market and sell your courses, develop a customer base, and track your revenue — all in one platform.

Rapidly promote your course with a
ready-made marketing platform

Through Flexi Sell, you will get a decent designed marketplace . To promote your marketplace, you can add a logo and set your corporate colour tone.
You can categorize all materials to organize your marketplace in more user-friendly way to browse. Highlight the feature for one of the courses to attract the attention of customers and achieve maximum sales.
You can create attractive promotions or invite to join free trial courses by using coupons to attract existing or new learners.
To gain more sales, compose a detailed description for each of your courses. All course information is indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing and Baidu .
You can track who attends your courses, which courses are the most popular, and how much income you have earned through our built-in reports dashboard.

The right LMS to deliver your training faster

We develop FlexiLearn LMS for businesses of all sizes to provide effective and engaging online training for their employees, partners and customers. It is an easy-to-use, feature-rich LMS, and the price is reassuring.

Ideal for training in any industry-from onboarding, compliance, products, sales and partners-in any industry-from manufacturing to aviation-FlexiLearn LMS can compress or expand your needs. This enables smart companies around the world to help their employees grow, reduce training costs and increase profits.

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Training on the go

Support learners access courses from anywhere, whether a desktop, mobile, or tablet with our use friendly mobile.

Advanced LMS features

Customize all aspects of your eLearning environment by adding your logo, your colours, and a custom domain.

Reporting and Assessments

FlexiLearn LMS comes with features for your future training needs i.e. different portals, custom reporting, quizzes.

Efficient and Faster results

FlexiLearn LMS lets you get information out to your employees fast, making training times shorter and increasing.

Easy to use

When you open it, you’ll know exactly how to use it as it already has all the features you may need like, single sign-on

Automated learning

Set automatic actions for course assignments and save your course managers from busywork.

FlexiCreate Suite
Fast eLearning creating toolkit

Create your courses and assessments within a coffee break. No training required to start!

Drag and drop to add all types of media to your course – like videos, presentations, and docs. Build courses from scratch, or reuse content you’ve already created. Upload SCORM, xAPI, or cmi5 files for even more interactivity.

Our Solutions

PowerPoint-based courses

A few clicks can transform your existing PowerPoint content into online learning suitable for mobile devices.


Establish an immersive dialogue simulation to strengthen the communication skills of employees.


Train and evaluate your learners through compelling quizzes and drag-and-drop activities.

Online authoring

Create courses in within a coffee break. Keep your projects on the Web to access and share them easily.

Video courses

Prepare professionally-looking video tutorials, screencasts, and video lessons in minutes.

Content Library

Thousands of eLearning templates and assets to prepare professional and touched up content.

A Search engine designed for professionals seeking corporate training and further education

Help individuals and companies find relevant courses or training providers for Professional training in their located place.

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A Powerful online quiz and asignment maker software

A Powerful online quiz and asignment maker software Can quickly create a measurable tests, quizzes and assessments and analyze result customized to your needs.

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